Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread houses!

Yesterday my family all got together and made cute gingerbread houses! We use to just make one all together but since the family is getting bigger we did one for each couple! We had tonz of fun and I love seeing how everyone's houses end up so different! Christmas time is my favorite cuz there are always lots of fun activities and its even better now that we have max and sam around! Kids make all holidays so much better! After we did the gingerbread houses Max noticed that there were presents under the tree for him, he started crying cuz he wanted to open them right then because he didn't know what was in them! ha ha, it was so cute!

Also yesterday was Kristens 17th birthday!! We had a party at Craigs parents house for her! Happy Birthday Kristen, I hope your day was amazing! Love you!