Friday, February 20, 2009

The cutest valentines day ever!

This year was the most fun valentines day! To start the day off me and craig got our engagement pictures taken! When we got to Scott Hancock there were flowers waiting for me! A dozen roses and daisys (my favorite!) After we were done taking pics we got to design our wedding invitations! (I can't wait to get them!) Then we had to hurry up to Salt Lake because craig had reservations to eat at tucanos (our favorite resturaunt), it was way cute cuz they had a candle lit dinner with roses on the table, they also added filet minon, shrimp and chocolate covered strawberries to the menu! it was so so good, we ate so much that our waitress said she was impressed! after dinner we went to color me mine and painted for a couple hours in our pjs(it was only $2 instead of $8 if you were in pjs)! if you haven't been there you need to go, it was so much fun! then craig had a surprise to take me too, so we changed back into our nice clothes and he made me close my eyes while he drove there, i was so nervous and didn't know what to expect but once we got there he put something in my hand and i opened my eyes and it was 2 tickets to see romeo and juliet! it was so much fun and so different than anything else we have ever done! I think I have the cutest fiance in the whole world! oh and i forgot to mention that he gave me another nunchuck for the wii cuz i have been asking everyone to get me one! ha ha! So that was our amazing day! I hope everyone had just as fun of a day as us!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random things about me!

I've been tagged by my sister, so I guess I better do it!! This is a hard one, but i will try to get 25 random things out there!


1-My favorite food is chips and salsa!

2-I love playing video games!

3-I freaking love stupid reality tv shows!

4-I hate winter, but love love love summer! get the warm weather here already!

5-If i could play in a pool all day everyday I would!

6-The only time i look at a clock the time is always the same forward and backward, it sometimes creeps me out!! ha ha

7-I hate when people leave time on the microwave!

8-I love riding fourwheelers!

9-I love camping (only in the summer)!

10-I love scarves! Thats my favorite part of winter, getting to wear all my cute scarves! ha ha, now I am starting to love the lighter ones for spring and fall!

11-I love to shop! online, in the mall, wherever!

12-I love to go bowling, me and craig go all the time!

13-I love traveling! Being in new places excites me!

14-I get my engagement pics on valentines day! I am way excited for that, its gonna be a fun way to start off the day!

15-I absolutely love my job, I love dancing! I wouldn't change it for the world!

16-My family is freaking amazing, I don't know what I would do without them!

17-I have the best fiance in the whole world! I love him to death and can't wait to be married to him!

18-I love kids! I can't wait to have my own one day!

19-I am getting married on the beach in Mexico, its one of my favorite places to go!

20-Disneyland/Disneyworld are probably my next favorite places to go, they really are the happiest places on earth! I turn into a kid right when i walk in the gates!

21-I am getting obsessed with ksl classifieds! I love looking at everything on there, me and craig have bought a table with chairs and barstools on there for our place! now we are currently looking for an entertainment center, everytime we find one we want to buy someone has already got it, so ya gotta be quick!! (that means check like every couple hours) ha ha

22-My favorite store to buy clothes is probably american eagle! I love it there!

23-I love to be in sweats, they are the most comfy clothes ever made!!

24-I want to go to paris so bad, thats been one of my dreams for a long time! I know I will make it there at least once in my life!

25-I hate boobs! ha ha, but seriously, usually girls pay to get bigger boobs, and i wish i had none! I guess you always want what you don't have!

Now that I am finally done with my whole big list I am gonna tag Bree, Hope, Natalee, Brooke, Katy, Nichole, Ashley, Britney R., Brittney P., and everyone else that wants to do it!! It was actually kinda fun, you guys better do it!