Monday, March 30, 2009

2 weeks!!!!!!!

So there are only 2 more weeks from today until me and craig get married!!!!!!!!! I am getting so excited that it is finally just right around the corner, I can't wait!!!! One of the things that I am most excited about is not having to leave eachother at night! Maybe we will finally get enough sleep! I can't wait to cook us dinner and eat cereal together every morning! I am so excited to finally be his wife! I just hope I will be the best wife ever cuz I know he will be an amazing husband! :) ahhhhhhhhh, I am so excited!!!!!!!!!

On another note, my dancers went to the spotlight comp. over the weekend and did so freaking amazing! i am so proud of all of them! our studio won the sweepstakes award! that means that we got the highest percentage of diamonds over all the other studios! almost all of our dances made the top 4 of their age groups! my mini co. got 1, 2 and 3 in the top four of their age group!!!! i have never been so proud of the whole studio, everyone just did amazing! we also got many other awards like best choreography, best technique, beautiful ballerinas, lovely legs, most energy, best showmanship and much more! so good job Hot Shots, i couldn't be any happier with how you danced at spotlight!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am never really good at this whole blogging thing, so today i thought i would catch you up on my life with pictures, cuz thats more fun!!!

Everyone that knows me knows that i am a dancer and dance teacher, and right now we are in the thick of competitions!!! All of the girls and boys at Hot Shots have been doing amazing at all of the competitions, I am so proud of all of them! Here are a few pics at there last competition! Jr. and Sr. Company ready to dance Jimmy!

Mini Company ready for Speed Racer!

Mini Company being all cute in thier Hallelujah costume! (hopefully i spelled that right!)

Mini Prep on stage dancing Somewhere over the Rainbow!

Before they danced!

Mini Prep ready to dance A dream is a wish! (aren't they so freakin cute!!!!)
Now off the dance subject, and yes I do have somewhat of a life outside dance, ha ha! I have been wedding planning, bowling, shopping, and to the Celine Dion Concert in the last couple weeks! Here are some pics of some of that!

Bowling night with Brian and Bre!
We love hanging out with Brian and Bre, but me and Bre can get a little hyper! My scarf was everywhere but around my neck! every picture its somewhere new! I was sad cuz i wasn't winning!

I finally got a strike so I danced with my scarf! Everyone there probably thought i was nuts! ha ha
This next pic is of me and my mommy at the Celine Dion concert! She is amazing, we had so much fun at her concert!

The last pictures are of me and craig shopping! We play more than shop sometimes, i love it!

Thats all for my pictures today! Have a great weekend! : )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

6th Picture!!

So, looks like I have been tagged! What you have to do is go into your 6th folder and get the 6th picture from it and tell about the picture! So I ended up with a freaking cute picture of one of my favorite kids in the world! MAX!! It is a picture of him in lake powell (i think) a couple years ago playing in a floating kids play thing! ha ha! Love you Max!
Now for everyone who read this, you have been tagged and yes you need to do it!!! : )