Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its already been 2 months!

Yesterday was our 2 month anniversary! Its crazy that we have already been married for 2 months! We have both loved every minute of it, being married is the best! So for our anniversary we wanted to do something fun! We thought year one came out this week and were so excited to see it, but then found out it doesn't come out till the 19th! ha ha, oh well that just calls for another date night next weekend! Instead we went to color me mine and painted! we were there for a good 4 hours, but had so much fun the whole time! Craig painted me a chips and salsa bowl (cuz they are my favorite!) and I made a hot pad/plate thing! they both turned out way good and we get to pick them up next week! After painting we went to Chilis cuz we were both starving and I wanted chips and salsa! ha ha Then we rented a movie and went home and fell asleep watching it! There is something about cuddling up to craig, everytime i do i am out within minutes! I love it but it also means that i never see more than like 5 or 10 min of every movie we watch!
Here are some pics of us at color me mine! Sorry about the ones that are sideways! I rotated them but when they uploaded they went back to sideways!