Monday, October 5, 2009

since my last post!

since my last post so many things have happened! i always forget to blog until i have like 20 things i wanna blog about! so here is a little of what we have been doing!

we went to europe for 2 weeks! we went to london, paris, switzerland, belgium and amsterdam! It was an amazing trip with just me and craig! it was a dream come true! everyone needs to experience it at least once in their life! we are planning on going back lots of times!

I have missed stormy, sam, my dads, and craigs birthday so happy late birthday to all of you! i love you all! We had such fun parties for all of the birthdays! we had a bbq at stormy and codys house for her bday, for sams we had a cute party at nic and riley house with awesome blue cake and cookies! and for dad and craigs we had a combine party that was byu themed! since they are both obsessed! ha ha

The fall schedule started up at dance again! Everything is going great at the studio, just getting ready for the nutcracker!

I am starting rehearsals this week to be dancing in a show called move! i am so excited to be rehearsing again!! as much as i love teaching, i think i love rehearsing and doing shows more, its the best!!!

Craig started school again! So he is always crazy busy with school and work! he just applied for the nursing program so hopefully that all works out and he can start that in jan.!

Football started again! so that means craig is either glued to the tv watching it or playing it on xbox or at a byu game! ha ha! But at least i got to go to the last byu game with him! we always have tonz of fun at the games!

i will post just a couple fun pics of europe, we took over 2000 pics so its hard to choose which ones to put up! they are all so cool! if you wanna see more go check out my facebook page!