Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its been forever!

I haven't been blogging a lot lately, things just get so busy that I forget how long its been! At the studio we are just getting ready for the Nutcracker which is on Dec 1st and 2nd, I am so excited to see how the kids do, they have been working really hard this year and I feel like they are ready to be on stage! Besides Nutcracker stuff I haven't been doing a whole lot, just hanging out with Craig and the Fam and I got to see twilight over the weekend, which I totally loved! I was suppose to see Celine Dion with my mom on friday, but she got sick and rescheduled for Feb :( Oh well at least I will get to see her then! I am so excited this week for thanksgiving! Its crazy that it is already almost December, the year just flew past! If any of you have fun ideas or cool traditions for thanksgiving let me know, me and my mom were trying to think of something fun to do!! well, until next time! ha ha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm engaged!!!! oh and halloween pics!

Craig finally asked me!!!!! I am now engaged! oh i am so excited! He took me to the macaroni grill cuz thats where we went on our first date! He asked me at the end of dinner, we were writing dumb things on the table and playing a silly game where you only put the first letter of every word in a sentence and you have to figure it out, then i went to the bathroom and came back with W Y M M? on the table right in front of me!!!!! yeah!The rest of the pics are from Halloween night!!! I put my dogs costume on!! ha ha
Me and Craig dressed up as a mexican and the border patrol, ha ha, we're tards!