Monday, December 15, 2008

Gingerbread houses!

Yesterday my family all got together and made cute gingerbread houses! We use to just make one all together but since the family is getting bigger we did one for each couple! We had tonz of fun and I love seeing how everyone's houses end up so different! Christmas time is my favorite cuz there are always lots of fun activities and its even better now that we have max and sam around! Kids make all holidays so much better! After we did the gingerbread houses Max noticed that there were presents under the tree for him, he started crying cuz he wanted to open them right then because he didn't know what was in them! ha ha, it was so cute!

Also yesterday was Kristens 17th birthday!! We had a party at Craigs parents house for her! Happy Birthday Kristen, I hope your day was amazing! Love you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its been forever!

I haven't been blogging a lot lately, things just get so busy that I forget how long its been! At the studio we are just getting ready for the Nutcracker which is on Dec 1st and 2nd, I am so excited to see how the kids do, they have been working really hard this year and I feel like they are ready to be on stage! Besides Nutcracker stuff I haven't been doing a whole lot, just hanging out with Craig and the Fam and I got to see twilight over the weekend, which I totally loved! I was suppose to see Celine Dion with my mom on friday, but she got sick and rescheduled for Feb :( Oh well at least I will get to see her then! I am so excited this week for thanksgiving! Its crazy that it is already almost December, the year just flew past! If any of you have fun ideas or cool traditions for thanksgiving let me know, me and my mom were trying to think of something fun to do!! well, until next time! ha ha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm engaged!!!! oh and halloween pics!

Craig finally asked me!!!!! I am now engaged! oh i am so excited! He took me to the macaroni grill cuz thats where we went on our first date! He asked me at the end of dinner, we were writing dumb things on the table and playing a silly game where you only put the first letter of every word in a sentence and you have to figure it out, then i went to the bathroom and came back with W Y M M? on the table right in front of me!!!!! yeah!The rest of the pics are from Halloween night!!! I put my dogs costume on!! ha ha
Me and Craig dressed up as a mexican and the border patrol, ha ha, we're tards!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Time!!! (and much more!)

Lots has been going on lately but i haven't had a lot of time to post anything, so this will be a big one! ha ha! Me and Craig went to the cheesecake factory with cody and stormy a couple weeks ago, it was way good and then we all went to the castle of chaos which was lame! don't waste your money on that one! ha ha Last weekend my kids went to a dance convention and competition and did amazing, 4 walked away with scholarships, i was so proud of them! The day after that we had our annual pumpkin carving party! (its my favorite!!) We all get together and carve pumpkins and eat! this year riley made the best chili ever! it was way fun and all of our pumpkins turned out so good! Then we dressed up my puppy as a pumpkin! It was so freaking cute, but she hated it!
This is rileys puking pumpkin and riley and maxs mario pumpkin!
The jack pumpkin is craigs and mine is the witch!
My Mom carved wario and nicole carved princess peach!Me and Craig with all the pumpkins!Sydney in her cute costume!

Me and Craig had so much fun carving pumpkins at my house so we decided to carve more the next night! He did the jack face and I did the crazy tooth fairy!!!
Me and craig went to cornbellys and had tonz of fun going through the corn maze, playing in a big house full of corn, going down big slides and just taking random pics throughout!
We also went to the dreaded grove and it was way fun and scary! Their haunted forest there was way cool and we also went on a cool zip line there!
Yesterday at dance i dressed up as a witch and the kids loved it! We always let the kids dress up before halloween cuz its so much fun!
And my very last thing for today (i know its been a long one, i just had so much to share with you all! ha ha) I have the cutest nephews in the world! Max made me this wedding ring out of play dough, he is so freakin cute! and the pic underneath is sam and max just chillin on the couch bein cute as always!
Love you all, and have a fun and safe halloween!!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another BYU game!!!

Craig took me to another BYU game! it was so much fun but it got really really cold towards the end! i had on thermal pants then sweats then jeans on my legs and thermal top and a reg top over plus my coat oh and 2 pair of knee hi socks one that was way thick and then my furry boots! ha ha, oh yeah then my beanie and scarf, i was all bundled up! Even though it was cold we still had so much fun! and BYU won again!!! yahoo!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad and Craig!!!

Happy birthday!!!!!
I love you both and you both deserve to have amazing days!!

Dad Sept 24th

Craig Sept 25th

Monday, September 22, 2008

Me and Craigs fun filled Saturday!!

Me and Craig had a way fun Saturday, we first went to the byu game and we killed wyoming 44-0! We had so much fun yelling and cheering the whole game! Go BYU!!!
After the game we went to cabelas cuz my dads birthday is coming up and we got him a present! Then at night we went bowling!!!! like always! this time we won 5 glow bracelets from getting strikes!Thanks to my amazing boyfriend craig I had a perfect saturday! :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

pics of sam!

Sam is finally here!

So I am at my house waiting for max to wake up so we can go see his little brother! Sam was born this morning around 7:30! He is 8lbs 4oz and 20 and a half inches long! My mom is there with Nicole and Riley and she is keeping me updated, hopefully max wakes up soon so i can go see my new nephew! Ahh, i am so excited!!!!!! I will post more later with pics of sam!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Lately me and Craig like to go bowling! These are just a couple of the pics we took while bowling! Jack and Jills is the best cuz they have unlimited bowling on fri and sat nights! plus you can win money while you bowl, i won $10 in one night! :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

To all my Hot Shots Friends!!!

Hey all my dancin buddies! I just wanted to let you know the the adult class is starting tomorrow, sept 2nd, at the studio! its from 8 til 9:15 on tuesday nights! its only $12 a class or you can get a punch card, one is $50 for five classes or $100 for 10 classes(so the punch card is a way better deal!) It is gonna be so much fun cuz it will be lots of hot shots alumni taking the class! so its a good way to get dancin again and to see all of your old hot shot friends! come try it out!!! if you have any questions call me at 787-7149!